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The imagination and music of Ben Schneider knows no boundaries. For his last album as Lord Huron, 2012’s Lonesome Dreams, Schneider fabricated the life and work of fictitious novelist George Ranger Johnson, building up a detailed, illustrative backstory to supplement his conceptual musical work. Schneider, who is also a talented graphic designer, has a nice habit of developing rich, artistic complements to his expansive and adventurous musical narratives, which take on titles like „Time To Run,“ „Ends of the Earth,“ and „I Will Be Back One Day.“ Today, Lord Huron has revealed a hint at a new album, via an expectedly varied and visual trailer-with nods to numerous film genres and motifs, from westerns to ’50s pulp to foreign new wave. Few details emerge from the mysterious trailer, save for the assumed new album title, Strange Trails, a promise of „fourteen songs from the unknown,“ and a few quick snippets of the music to come.