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【All-round Protection Size 】– Suitable for Adults, such as outdoor, play, shop use and so on.Comfortable style. Easy to use, like glasses with folding temples! Will not interfere, Make-up, or hair!
【Easier Breathing】 — The Clear mask adopts unidirectional valve design, makes the exhalation, water vapor, and carbon dioxide emissions easier, reduces heat and moisture, anti-Fog.
【Ultra-lightweight】 – -Like glasses with folding temples! Easily wear it as glasses. No uncomfortable elastic bands to cause pressure and irritation. Do not interfere, or smudge makeup, or hair!
【Excellent Quality 】– Made of high quality materials, durable, no damage to the skin, and can protect the face well. Reusable, no waste, more environmentally friendly, reducing operating costs, and ensuring a healthy environment and economical use.
【Visual Facial Expression】 — Stay connected to the others using this transparent shield to show your smile and stay closer to the others!