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„product description:

Wearing this full face mask will keep you safe and worry-free!

The surface of the gas mask is made of natural silicone, which is comfortable and soft to wear, and has no special smell.
The design with air inlets ensures good passability of the mask.
It is dust-proof, PM2.5, resistant to formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases.

Design: reusable mask, replaceable filter element
Effectively and comfortably protect you from certain concentrations of certain particles.
The windows with high light transmittance have clear vision and easy operation.
Applicable occasions: daily protection, chemistry, polishing, welding and environmental protection technology

The packaging includes:
Half mask * 1
1 large blindfold

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1. Excellent quality-The breathing mask is made of high-quality rubber, non-toxic, soft, comfortable, durable, safe and healthy. After wearing a gas mask, it will effectively eliminate any traces of organic chemical vapor or smoke.
2. Comfortable design: professional multifunctional gas mask, half face mask, wide field of view, high productivity, high performance, comfortable design and structure
3. Highly firm-the mask is close to the skin. Harmful gases and packaging must not enter the mask. The mesh headband of this full face respirator can also protect your head and hair, reduce stress and achieve a perfect seal.
4. Adjustable belt: comfortable and flexible headband and easy-to-adjust belt (with neck clamp), easy to wear, and best pressure distribution
5. Gas masks are widely used and can prevent various harmful substances such as organic gases and vapors, chlorobenzene, alcohol and carbon dioxide. Gas masks are widely used in paints, chemicals, polishes, pesticide sprays, chemical experiments, fire emergency, oil extraction, mining and metallurgy, or as welding respirators.