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Every question we ask one another is an opportunity to connect. This creative conversation-starter game is an invitation to share ideas and grow your appreciation for the people in your life. Inside this box are 52 conversation starters to deepen your connection with anyone you know—a partner, spouse, sibling, parent, or friend. You can ask every single one of these conversation prompts over and over again to see how your answers change over time. Use the cards as a fun, casual bonding activity, or play as a game to tally up points. No matter how you use them, you’ll get to know each other so much more. And that means everything. At Compendium, we create meaningful moments with gifts that inspire. Every product is designed to honor a relationship—whether it is the one you share with a child, parent, friend, teacher, or yourself! Because relationships matter. And when we celebrate heartfelt connections, our world becomes a little brighter. Our products range from New York Times best-selling children’s illustrated books, fill-in-the-blank keepsake books, and guided journals to designer notebooks, gift books, and ThoughtFulls pop-open cards. Visit our Amazon brand store to see our complete line of products.

INSPIRE QUALITY TIME: Every question in this set is a chance to learn something new about the people in your life, whether they are a friend, family member, coworker, or roommate.
CONNECT AND RECONNECT: Use this conversation-starter game to explore fun and thought-provoking questions you would not ordinarily ask.
RETURN TO THE QUESTIONS AGAIN AND AGAIN: With these 52 conversation starters, you can go as deep or as light as you’d like, then revisit the questions over time and see how your answers change.
START INTERGENERATIONAL CONVERSATIONS: The questions will help you spark conversations and connect across generations, whether you’re looking to engage with your teenager over dinner or learn more about Grandma during a holiday gathering.
CREATE FUN-FILLED MEMORIES: This is perfect for road trips, dinner parties, or game nights and makes it easy to start up a discussion with just about anyone!